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A single Pegasus customer targeted 200 Spanish phones

A client of the manufacturer of Pegasus, the Israeli company NSO, selected 200 Spanish phone numbers as targets, according to a leak that The Guardian has reported. Among those numbers would be that of the Saharawi activist Aminatou Haidar and the journalist specializing in the Maghreb Ignacio Cembrero, which according to the British newspaper points to Morocco as a possible culprit.

Keys about Pegasus, the software that has hacked Sánchez, Robles and independentistas

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The selection of these objectives would have occurred in 2019, according to leaked data that became known in 2021 thanks to a joint investigation from various international media outlets, including the Guardian, and which include 50,000 phones from around the world. According to an Amnesty International analysis, a phone of Aminatou Haidar was targeted by Pegasus since 2018, while traces of this spyware were also found on a second device of the activist in November 2021.

The inclusion of these 200 phone numbers in a target list does not necessarily imply that all of them will come under attack from Pegasus. Morocco had previously denied spying on any foreign leaders using Pegasus.

The Government has avoided this Tuesday to support the director of the CNI in her explanations about the espionage to Pedro Sánchez and Margarita Robles that she denounced the previous day. “Every moment has its eagerness”, the spokeswoman, Isabel Rodríguez, responded to the question of whether she rules out that in the near future there will be a resignation of the head of the Spanish secret services.

The National High Court has opened an investigation into the theft of data from the phones of the President of the Government and the Minister of Defence. In the car in which he opened the proceedings, the judge has specified the dates on which Sánchez’s phone was infected: May 19 and 31, 2021. The first of the days is precisely the moment in which it began the migration crisis at the Ceuta border after Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali was treated in a Spanish hospital.

The PSOE and the PP have vetoed that the Congress of Deputies open an investigation commission on espionage, but Pedro Sánchez will have to appear to explain the crisis.

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