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A “small fraction” of users will repair their own iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

A week ago, Apple announced the Self Service Repair program, which will bring original Apple parts, tools and manuals to customers who are comfortable with the idea of ​​repairing their own phones, starting with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lines. .

And while the idea has been praised by advocates of the right to repair, in practice, very few iPhone users will actually repair their own phone, postponing the purchase of their next handset. That’s what an investigation of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

CIRP’s findings are based on a survey of 2,000 Apple customers in the United States who purchased an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, or Mac between October 2020 and September 2021.

CIRP research suggests that almost all iPhones in use have a screen and battery in a “usable” condition.

Only six percent of iPhone buyers said they had a broken screen that rendered the phone unusable, but another 12 percent said they had a broken screen that could still be used.

26 percent of iPhone batteries last half a day without charging, and 14 percent must be charged every two hours. Therefore, battery replacements are likely to be among the most common repairs.

Even so, comparatively few active devices need to replace any of these parts that are subject to a high level of wear and tear.

So the small number of active devices that need replacement parts, combined with the fact that many users are not comfortable doing their own repairs, indicates that very few ‌iPhone‌ users will actually take advantage of the new repair program.

According to CIRP partner and co-founder Mike Levin, “Buyers have many reasons to upgrade an older iPhone, including processor performance or storage capacity. So at best, a small fraction of buyers are likely to put off buying a new iPhone by repairing an old phone through the Self Service Repair program. “

Also, according to CIRP’s Josh Lowitz, “few owners would use the self-service repair program to postpone their next iPhone purchase, as most new iPhone buyers already have” more than adequate usable phones. “

iPhone 12 Pro Max in a person's hand showing the back, one of the best phones for gaming

The results of the survey are no surprise, considering that many people prefer that someone really trained repair their technological devices, since an error can be very costly in the long run or render the terminal permanently unusable.

For that reason, it is also very likely that the people who want to use this program and repair their own equipment are technicians, or people who have experience repairing electronic items in general. According to Apple, the program is aimed at them.

The company knows that it is not something for everyone. In fact, specialized media qualify the components of the iPhone as true pieces of engineering, due to the number of screws and how compact their parts are. This can be difficult for an inexperienced user to manipulate.

Either way, Apple’s new repair program will be available to users starting next year in the United States and will expand to other countries throughout 2022.

This will cover the replacement of batteries, screens and cameras of the last two generations of iPhones, that is, the parts that usually receive the most damage. In addition, in its new Apple repair store will sell more than 200 parts and tools.

This announcement is a major change for the company, which has been recognized for restricting access to its parts and manuals. Also, users will no longer have to resort to homemade methods and YouTube videos to fix their devices, if they feel confident to do so.

According to the specialized media Hardware Canucks, “it may be a small step at a general level, but for Apple to do it, it is a great victory for the movement for the right to repair.”

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