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A Snoopy stuffed animal: crew member on a mission to space | Digital Trends Spanish

Artemis I is part of NASA’s efforts to get its astronauts back to the Moon, which could materialize in 2025 with Artemis III.

This ship will be sent into space next year. Although it will not have astronauts, it will have a crew member on board: a cute Snoopy stuffed animal.

NASA constantly uses stuffed animals on its flights, as when the toy begins to float it signals to mission managers that the spacecraft has entered the zero gravity of space.

Plus, because these accessories are soft and squishy, ​​ground crew know they won’t be able to damage or break any buttons on the dash.

For this mission, NASA made a special suit so that the Snoopy plush can fulfill its important mission and look like the astronauts who always appear controlling these ships.

Of course, all the materials that make up the doll have been approved by NASA.

Artemis I will circle the Moon and return to our planet in February. Since you will be traveling without human personnel, the idea of ​​the aerospace office is to ensure that all systems are working properly for future manned missions.

The announcement of this mission coincides with the launch of the second season of Snoopy in space, Apple TV + animated series that has been nominated for an Emmy.

It should be remembered that Yuri Gagarin, the first human being in space, also traveled with a small doll when Vostok 1 was launched in 1961.

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