Tuesday, May 17

A Spanish aid worker from Doctors Without Borders murdered in Ethiopia along with two other colleagues

María Hernández, an emergency coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in the Tigray region, Ethiopia, has been killed in an attack in which two other workers of the organization have also died. “We lost contact with them and the car in which they were traveling yesterday afternoon and this morning the vehicle was found empty and, a few meters away, their bodies without life,” said the NGO this Friday.

María Hernández, 35, originally from Madrid, started her work at MSF in 2015 in the Central African Republic and has since worked in Yemen, Mexico and Nigeria. The other two deceased are Yohannes Halefom Reda and Tedros Gebremariam Gebremichael, both Ethiopians. The first was a coordinating assistant, 31 years old, and had joined the organization in February. Tedros, 31, had been an MSF driver since May.

“The attack will have dramatic consequences for the assistance to the populations that María, Yohannes and Tedros served. They worked in Tigray, a region ravaged by the war conflict. Nothing we write will serve to convey all our sadness and indignation,” he said. said the humanitarian organization.