Monday, November 28

A Spanish citizen detained in Iran during the protests against the Government

Iranian authorities have detained a Spanish citizen during protests against the country’s government, according to the organization’s news agency HRANA (Human Rights Activists News Agency). Demonstrations have been taking place across the country for two months, when the young Masha Amini died at the hands of the police after being arrested for wearing the wrong veil.

The HRANA agency has also reported the arrest of another Spanish citizen, Santiago Sánchez, who had made himself known for his intention to walk to Qatar to attend the World Cup that begins there on the 20th. Sánchez, 41 years old , had contacted his relatives one last time on October 1, when he sent an image to inform them that he was entering Iran.

Both the place and the exact date of arrest of the other Spanish citizen are still unknown. According to the organization, Sánchez was arrested in the border town of Saqez after visiting the place where Amini had been buried.

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