Friday, September 24

A strong and autonomous PSOE-M to once again be the reference of the left in Madrid

On May 4, the Socialist Party of Madrid suffered an unmitigated defeat in the regional elections. The results at the polls reflected, once again, the public’s dissatisfaction with our proposals and our work as the opposition. Many colleagues agree on the need to promote internal reflection that would allow us to recover the street, reconnect with citizens.

For this task, which by all accounts seems complicated, the Madrid Socialist Party has a “weapon loaded with the future”: its militants. This is our cross axis. The pillar that sustains and sustains our entire project is the voice of militancy. We present ourselves to guarantee a primary process with which we intend that the socialist comrades feel involved in the political responses with which the Socialist Party intends to transform Madrid. It is, in short, a call to action from each militant.

From loyalty to the federal organs of the party and to our secretary general, it is time to talk about the organization we want, a party that must be autonomous and independent and that must have the ability to decide the future for Madrid in Madrid.

We Madrid socialists have experience and a clear model: municipalism. Over the past three decades, mayors, men and women councilors have undergone an evident and radical transformation of many cities and municipalities throughout the region. We have done it by applying leftist policies and defense of public services, feminist policies and with a marked environmentalist character, policies aimed at building a true future for young people, and improving the present of the elderly.

Our model, therefore, is not just a discourse in which we believe, but is a catalog of good practices applied over the years to the reality of millions of people. All this from the left and with the confidence and seriousness of those who know how to manage. With countless examples, the past supports us, but our goal must be clearly directed to the present and the future: to improve the lives of the people of today, who in turn will transform the world of tomorrow.

It is time to once again be the clear reference of the Madrid left, something that we ceased to be after the May elections.

It is evident that in these last two years we have lacked presence both in the City Council and in the Community of Madrid. If we asked any militant, he would agree that we have not lived up to what the public demanded of us. That is why we must reconnect with the street, with neighborhoods, with social movements, with citizens in general. It is time to listen; listen to know, to unite and to give a voice to Madrid society. We must return to being that permeable and modern party that is the spearhead of social changes without losing our essence of the left.

We take the step forward with the objective of weaving teams, of putting the Socialist Party of Madrid back to work together so that each militant can feel pride in their daily contribution to the organization. The first of our objectives with this candidacy has already been fulfilled: we have guaranteed the holding of the primaries and we have placed the future of the party in the hands of the Socialists and Socialists of Madrid. We can guarantee that there is no better solution.

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