Monday, December 6

A summoned by Vox in the Parliament of Cantabria: “Society did nothing against ETA except go out in demonstrations doing the clown”

“Society did absolutely nothing against terrorism except to paint their hands white and go out in demonstrations playing the clown.” This is one of the many striking statements that have been heard this Thursday in the Parliament of Cantabria, specifically in one of the commissions that are being held in recent weeks in the Chamber to draft a law of tribute and recognition to the victims of terrorism promoted by Vox.

The far-right formation wants to promote a regional law to pay tribute to the victims and, for this, it has chosen an appearing person who has literally scoffed at the tributes that were carried out, among other moments, after the murder of councilor Miguel Ángel White. So paradoxical and with all the parliamentary groups represented in the Autonomous Chamber except Vox in disagreement with some words pronounced by the writer Jesús Laínz Fernández, which has generated a great controversy during his speech.

And it is that his speech has been full of ‘pearls’, coming to show several times that democracy has not prevailed against terrorism. “As now the guns have been silent, we believe that we have won, and it turns out that there are thousands of young people who do not know what ETA consisted of, and who vote for them [a Bildu] because they are feminists and because they are environmentalists and because they are against climate change, “he stressed, making considerations such as that” feminism or pacifism are nonsense that they now take as trompe l’oeil to deceive the youth. ”

“Democracy has not won, it has lost. ETA is in all the institutions. ETA has 117 mayors, it has thousands of councilors,” said this writer with a degree in Law and columnist in Digital Freedom, invited by Vox to appear to contribute his reflections to the drafting of the standard you want to approve.

“Regarding the joyful and euphoric claim that democracy has won, I am not the one who says that it is not like that,” he pointed out, mentioning former PP Interior Minister Jaime Mayor Oreja and the “socialist” writer Fernando Savater. “ETA is a member of the legislature of the current government. What a victory. 40 years ago, when he was shooting, he could not have imagined that he could become a member of the legislature of a Madrid government,” he said. “It surprises me that there are people who insist on saying that ETA has been defeated. It seems to me a willful blindness caused by ideological prejudices that is absolutely surprising,” he insisted.

“Society did nothing; to do something was to collaborate with the terrorist gang, inform it or hide the ETA members, and when it did not collaborate, I look the other way,” he criticized to the surprise and indignation of those present at the commission.

Thus, to argue his theory that ETA “has won”, Laínz has emphasized that the fact that “it has stopped planting bombs does not prevent it from achieving victory precisely afterwards”, as if the objective was not precisely that: to end bombs and terrorism, something that was accomplished more than a decade ago.

“Spanish society lowers its guard, bombs are no longer being planted and, therefore, there is no longer what to worry about”, he pointed out, to continue lying openly assuring that “the social situation in the Basque Country is exactly the same as it does. 10, 20 or 30 years “. “There is no freedom of expression, there is no democratic fair game, there are not the same opportunities for separatists as for those who are not,” he said.

Finally, he concluded by noting that ETA did not stop killing “due to the defeat of the police, much less even of society, but because it no longer worked.” “Since 9/11 it was clear that terrorism had been greatly discredited throughout the world,” he said, to end by delving again that democracy has not won: “Give me defeats, which will always be better than a victory in which finally the one who wins is the defeated “, he has sentenced, after acknowledging that his intervention” has had little to do with the provisions of the law. ”

After his words, all the groups except Vox (PRC, PP, PSOE and Cs) have expressed their disagreement, condemnation and rejection of the statements made by the appearing party, even calling them a lack of respect for the victims and the whole of society. Even the president of the commission has closed the session referring to Laínz’s statements, noting that “democracy has precisely allowed you to come here to present your ideas with total freedom and that the rest of the groups can do so with the same Liberty”. “Democracy in Spain has triumphed,” he declared.

On June 21, the plenary session of the Autonomous Parliament unanimously approved, and with the favorable opinion of the regional government, the taking into consideration of this bill proposed by Vox and since then a series of commissions with interventions by victims have been taking place. and associations that are generating tensions, some scuffles and unrest among some deputies of the Chamber.

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