Sunday, September 25

A survivor of the hit to cyclists in Barcelona says that the car accelerated towards them: “It is an attack”

Pedro Cancio, president of the Rubí Cycling Club, in the province of Barcelona, ​​was pedaling with his usual group of friends last Sunday, on a route between Gelida and Terrassa, when a vehicle that was approaching them from the front changed lanes and He charged just before he ran away. The incident, which occurred at the height of Castellbisbal, left two dead, but Cancio assures that it was not an accident, but a totally conscious outrage.

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In statements to TV3, one day after the event and the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested the author, Cancio described the outrage as something more than an accident. “The car changed lanes and took everyone in front of it; besides, he didn’t even brake, he sped up”, he assures. The last of the group of cyclists, who were nine, “reacted and fell,” according to Cancio, and it was he who more clearly saw the acceleration of the vehicle and even how the driver put his hand out the window “as if to say ‘there you stay ‘.

“We can all have an accident, but the way things happened, this is an attack,” Cancio said. “He is a criminal,” he insisted on the author.

Two of the cyclists died due to the accident and one of the injured is in critical condition at the Bellvitge Hospital. The same afternoon of the event, the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested the presumed driver of the vehicle after he was located in Martorell.