Wednesday, March 22

A third suspicious package like the one that exploded at the Ukrainian embassy was detected at the Torrejón air base

An envelope similar to the ones that were sent this Wednesday to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid and to the Zaragoza arms manufacturing company Instalaza arrived this morning at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base (Madrid).

A worker from the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was slightly injured by a letter bomb

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This was indicated to EFE by sources of the investigation, who have indicated that it was around three in the morning when the Military Unit of the air base notified the security forces that they had received a suspicious envelope.

The corresponding protocols were immediately activated, while the National Police has taken over the analysis of the envelope, which could be similar to the two intercepted on Wednesday. In fact, the Police were already evaluating whether there was a connection between the letter sent to the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, whose deflagration injured an employee, and the one received on Wednesday afternoon by the Zaragoza arms manufacturing company Instalaza.

Instalaza is an arms company that employs more than 150 people in three factories located in Zaragoza and that exports its production to more than 35 countries. The company manufactures rocket launch systems, hand grenades, and night vision devices.

Among the products it manufactures are the C90 type grenade launchers and the Alcotán. It so happened that in March of this year Spain sent 1,370 C-90 and Alcotán type grenade launchers, together with a shipment of light machine guns and 700,000 cartridges of different calibers, in one of the first shipments of aid to the defense of Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February.

The National Court investigates at least the first case as a crime of terrorism, while the Ministry of the Interior has decided to reinforce the security and protection of the Embassy of Ukraine.