Saturday, February 4

A tide of temporary contracts with the INAEM ‘floods’ the door of the Ministry of Culture

Dozens of temporary contracts adorn the doors of the Ministry of Culture, hanging on ropes as if they were freshly hung clothes. “This is the national theater in Spain. Trained professionals with 14-day contracts,” is heard through a megaphone. It is the Platform of technicians affected by the OEP 2018, who have decided to meet this Monday in front of the institution directed by Miquel Iceta to protest against the change in the requirements for access to the job offer called on July 31. Despite their training and years of career, managers of public theaters without a FP degree cannot access a permanent position.

The conflict of the public theater technicians reaches Congress at the most delicate moment of its negotiation

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“Since September we have been demanding that they find a solution to the next calls so that we can continue working for the INAEM. By changing the access degree, most of us are left out and it is not just about accessing a permanent position, we also lose the possibility of accessing to a temporary position,” a spokesperson for this platform told, shortly before beginning to lift the dozens of temporary contracts of those who were hired by the INAEM and whose professional careers are frustrated. “We show our entire relationship with the INAEM, from which they now leave us out. Each string corresponds to a person, something that is important to know because we are talking about professionals with up to 50 contracts,” they clarify from this group.

The government and unions (CCOO, UGT and CSIF) agreed last December on an agreement so that the INAEM temporary workers could stabilize their jobs, which, however, continued to leave out temporary theater workers. “We can present ourselves to this process, to the stabilization places that we will see how many there are. But we continue to stay out of the rest of the processes and the other temporary job banks,” they protest from the Platform.

They also add that “CCOO ousted itself from the fight a long time ago” and that they do not “communicate anything” to them. Not even the stabilization process that they claim to have learned about in the press. “At first they convened some things but they were never in the same line as us, because we demanded access for all for all those who have higher degrees,” they add.

In addition to the technicians, other groups affected by the OEP 2018 are workers and public employees in charge of attention in museum rooms, also dependent on the Ministry of Culture and Sports. They point out that, in addition to encountering the same access problems, with the new agreement they have been placed in a lower category labor group. A group, in addition, formed mainly by people over 50 years of age and who now lose a series of rights acquired through competition.

“We are tired of being ignored by the administration, which, despite having signed an agreement that, according to them, solves the conflict, does not even answer our requests for a meeting,” the Platform of technicians and technicians affected by the OEP 2018. For this reason, according to what they communicate over the loudspeaker while they carry out their performance, call three new stoppages for the theater: January 21 and 26 and February 10.