Tuesday, October 4

A touch of Cosa Nostra in Congress

In politics, personal attacks are rarely left unanswered. Nor is it that they go unnoticed on the street, but in general people tend not to open their heads when they hear the first expletive. And they do not usually call their friends to settle accounts with the perpetrator of the alleged offense. In the Congress of Deputies, you have the advantage that you can summon your own people to beat the culprit until his face is scarred. Later, those same politicians invoke the respect due to institutions and sometimes complain that citizens do not treat them with the consideration they deserve for their great work. Blame it on populism and other evil tendencies that are going to spoil Western civilization, they say as they clean the knife of blood.

Nadia Calviño had a fit of fury on December 15 when Pablo Casado was found at the awards ceremony of a business organization that the king also attended. “I’m disgusted by what you said of child abuse. You cannot take the cases of minors in plenary session, “he told him in an enraged technocratic way, a position that he does not usually assume. He was referring to the control session in which Casado released Pedro Sánchez that” what the hell has to happen so that you assume any responsibility? “, mixing the case of the boy from Canet de Mar and that of the minors from a sheltered center in the Balearic Islands who suffered sexual abuse.

The conversation, revealed by El Confidencial, was tense. “I do not accept that you tell me what I can say or not,” Casado replied. Calviño insisted: “You cannot tell lies.” He told Martínez-Almeida that his boss had behaved “unbalanced.” The next day, she told reporters that she had not said disgusted, but “decomposed.”

The honor of the leader had been exposed by the information and the PP reacted quickly. All things considered, it is the least they could do, especially at the time when Casado was being punished by Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s challenge to Genoa. Hence also that he raised the thermostat of fury to the maximum, with pussy included, once the president of Madrid was eating space in the headlines.

What happened next was something else. Everything began to take on airs of a Sicilian vendetta with the intention of avenging the leader. You don’t touch the boss without suffering the consequences. In an operation obviously conducted from above, troops were called in to draw their weapons and begin firing at the economic vice president. It was not even necessary to talk about economics. What was important is that women were the ones who attacked Calviño.

This week, in the Senate and Congress, four PP parliamentarians fulfilled their assigned mission. The questions they had raised had to do with financial matters, although they were more interested in talking about other matters. “Cover cases such as the sexual abuse of minors under guardianship in the Balearic Islands and Valencia yes that is disgusting and disgusting, Mrs. Calviño, “Senator Salomé Pradas shouted Tuesday. “Little Red Riding Hood dropped it the cape and the wolf appears “, snapped María Salom, determined to describe Calviño as a” radical “, a definition that would cause laughter if it arrived in Brussels.

Wednesday in the congressional control session, it touched more harassment. The key was to imply that Calviño does not care about the abuse of minors without the vice president having spoken about the issue. “Do not worry so much of the opposition leader. Disrespecting him is what you did with him, “Marga Prohens told him. Belén Hoyo did the same, but with more drama. Let it be seen that she was outraged. She went so far as to denounce that Calviño and by extension the Government” have stand on the side of the executioners and not of the victims. ”

Calviño responded by complaining about “the lightness with which they talk about extremely sensitive topics.” What a provocation. That gave Hoyo the opportunity to be outraged to the square: “I feel ashamed as a woman and a mother.”

The case of the abuse of minors in the Balearic Islands occurred in a center managed by the regional administration, governed by a Government of the PSOE and United We Can. The crimes of sexual exploitation date back to the 90s, when the PP ruled in that community. If the PP now wanted to involve the central government, it could have tried the Interior Minister. In any case, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police have denied that there is a single sexual exploitation network that is behind all these cases, which does not mean that there have not been abuses. The judicial investigation is open and there have already been arrests.

What happens is that neither Marlaska nor the autonomous and provincial authorities of the Balearic Islands nor the prosecutor or the police in the case have attacked Casado for his conduct in Congress. It was Calviño who questioned the honorability of the leader of the PP and the family cannot tolerate such an affront. It must be suggested that there is something dirty in all this that Calviño is hiding. She takes care of the economy, but we are not going to let her fool us with small, unimportant details.

In reality, the offensive against Calviño does have something to do with the issues of his department. “You have failed in the management of European funds,” Cuca Gamarra told him on Wednesday. Some European finance ministers would like to be failures. Spain has already received the approval of the European Commission to start receiving the funds from the reconstruction plan and will be the first country to access the first installment, 10 billion euros in the coming weeks.

All that amount of money makes the PP nervous, much more that it could have been passed to the minors of the Balearic Islands.