Tuesday, December 6

A tower with more than six centuries of history goes on sale for a million and a half euros

It is increasingly common to find that heritage in ruins in private hands ends up going up for sale in real estate portals. In Castilla-La Mancha, where there are countless monuments waiting to be restored, recovered or rehabilitated, it has already happened on more than one occasion. And it repeats itself: the historic watchtower in the town of Mazarambroz, in the Montes de Toledo region, has gone on sale.

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It is a structure located on a large estate in the town and dates back to the 14th century. With six centuries of history, this tower was built to preserve and monitor the then Christian border, and to guard the water accesses in the area. It is now for sale for 1.5 million euros on an online real estate portal.

According to your bill of sale, the tower has three floors and the last one is considered the attic, where there are magnificent views of Toledo. The sale includes not only this heritage jewel but also a family chalet on the same estate, with four bedrooms and a bathroom. Outside there is a swimming pool, garden and an area with farm implements.

The tower appears on the City Council’s list of monuments and places of interest in the municipality.

One of the similar cases that have occurred in Castilla-La Mancha regarding the private sale of assets was in the town of Cogolludo (Guadalajara) last January. His castle, in ruins and in an area of ​​1,300 square meters, went on sale for half a million euros. “Gift is already expensive” is the phrase with which many residents of this municipality joked when referring to the emblematic medieval castle put up for sale.