Tuesday, March 28

A Valencian official is prosecuted for consulting the file of gender violence on Rocío Carrasco

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Sueca (Valencia) has prosecuted an official for consulting the file of gender violence on Rocío Carrasco.

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office denounces seven officials for accessing Rocío Carrasco’s gender-based violence file

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As judicial sources have confirmed to Europa Press, the court has issued an order to transform preliminary proceedings into an abbreviated procedure against an investigation for facts that may constitute a crime against privacy committed by a public official.

Specifically, the investigated is accused of improperly accessing Rocío Carrasco’s gender-based violence file through the computer system.

As a result of the first chapter of the docuseries ‘Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive’, broadcast by Telecinco, different entries were found in the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante by various officials in the Rocío Carrasco file.

The Prosecutor’s Office then opened proceedings to investigate the events, in which at least a dozen people with access to the Viogín system, which they can enter, in addition to the Police and judges, officials who work in Social Services, had consulted the file of the daughter of Rocío Jurado.

Interior detected this fact and, after verifying that these people were not related to the case -identity can be traced since authorized personnel have a password as it is confidential information-, it blocked access.

Now, the Sueca court, as Las Provincias has advanced this Friday, has decided to continue with the investigation for one of the officials, who has been prosecuted.