Thursday, September 16

A vice president of the Constituent Convention of Chile resigns after pretending he suffered from cancer



One of the vice-presidents of the Chilean Constitutional Convention, Rodrigo Rojas Vade, has announced this Sunday his resignation from the position for which he was elected last May after admitting that he lied about suffering from cancer when he appeared in the elections.

The enlarged Table of the Constitutional Convention has accepted the resignation of Rojas Vade and added that they “deeply regret what happened”, while “they empathize with the pain that this situation causes,” reports ‘La Tercera’.

“We maintain our unrestricted commitment to transparency and probity in the exercise of our positions, so we will initiate the corresponding internal procedures. Likewise, we will make available to the respective organizations all the information that we have ”, the table specified in a statement.

Rojas Vade’s future in the Constituent Convention It has not been defined, since for the moment he has only resigned from the vice presidency, not from his position in the convention, and since it is such a novel mechanism, for which elections have only been called once, it is unknown how it would affect the mechanism of it. However, despite an eventual exit, it would not affect the two-thirds quorum.

In this sense, the table has assured that “the work of the Convention will follow the institutional course planned for the next few days, in which the deliberation of the regulatory norms by the plenary session begins.”

On Saturday, the news broke about Rojas Vade’s false diagnosis when he himself posted a video on his Instagram account admitting that he had lied about a cancer that he said he already suffered during the social outbreak of 2019 and during the campaign for the Constituent Convention.

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