Friday, September 24

A vice-rector of the UPC resigns after the controversy for encouraging the burning of containers in a tweet

Núria Pla, vice-rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), resigned this Monday after the controversy caused by a tweet she published during the celebration of the Diada, in which she encouraged to provoke disturbances. “A desire for fire, burned containers and a collapsed airport”, proclaimed on Saturday afternoon the one who was until then Vice-Rector for Quality and Language Policy of this Catalan public university.

This same Monday, the rector of the UPC, Daniel Crespo, has reported the resignation and has argued that Pla has left office “to prevent the interpretations” of that tweet, which he made from his personal account, may “affect the institution ”. Crespo thanked him for his dedication and valued the resignation as an “act of generosity”.

“The UPC is diverse, it is plural and works for the construction of a more free, democratic, just and cohesive society”, added the rector.

Pla’s message during the Diada provoked an angry reaction from parties such as Ciudadanos or the PP. Carlos Carrizosa, president of the Citizens parliamentary group, demanded his resignation. But he has not been satisfied when he heard the news this Monday and has announced that he will request the appearance of the rector in Parliament so that he “commits” to respect the “plurality” between teachers and students.

PP deputy Lorena Roldán, for her part, considered the tweet an incitement to violence “with total impunity.” “Then you will see them calling themselves Democrats,” he added.

Núria Pla, a doctorate in mathematics from the UPC, was responsible for the linguistic policy of the university since Daniel Crespo assumed the position of rector, just four months ago.

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