Saturday, May 28

A video shows the Ukrainian army executing captured Russian soldiers, according to The New York Times

New York Times has published and verified on Monday a video showing the Ukrainian army executing captured Russian soldiers in the kyiv region around March 30, when Russian troops were beginning to leave the area.

With a high content of graphic violence, several Russian corpses are seen and how a Ukrainian soldier shoots repeatedly at the bodies, lying on the road and wearing the distinctive white ribbon of the Russian army. “He is still alive. He records these marauders. Look, he’s still alive. He is gasping”, they say in the recording broadcast on a Telegram channel. “Glory to Ukraine”, repeat the military with laughter.

The recording would be made in Dmytrivka, a village about 11 kilometers from Bucha, where a massacre with hundreds of deaths after the passage of Russian troops has been documented. According to the American newspaper, it could have been the result of a Ukrainian ambush around March 30, when the withdrawal of Russian troops from the kyiv region began.

A few days later, on April 2, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted another video reporting an assault on a Russian convoy that they described as “precise work.” “These are not even human,” added the Ukrainian military man who starred in the video.

It has not yet been possible to identify the protagonists of the recording, although the military refer to themselves as “boys from Belgravia”, reports the newspaper. It would be a violation of the Geneva Convention that regulates the humane treatment that must be given to soldiers captured in a warlike conflict, through which the right to honor and respect of said persons prevails.