Friday, May 20

A video summarizes in 40 seconds 20 years of Apple’s history | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world and its story is always fascinating, especially considering that it started as a small company operating out of a garage and grew into a multi-billion dollar business with global reach.

Now, the statistics portal Statista has published a video that summarizes 20 years of Apple’s history in 40 seconds. Basically, the record shows the revenue earned through some of the company’s most iconic products, like the iPod and iPhone.

Statista uses a series of animated bars, as if it were a graph, to show how Apple’s main movements have been over time and the launch of its different devices.

The shared record starts in 2001 when the Mac line earned nearly $4.4 billion dollars, which was a true milestone for the company and marked significant growth that would continue over time.

This timeline was also published by Apple on its website along with a brief description, which gives an account of the most significant moments in its history. Today, the Apple ecosystem includes iPhone, iPad, Mac, wearable and home devices, as well as a host of accessories and other services.

“Technical innovation, coupled with minimalist designs and creative advertisements under the leadership of former CEO Steve Jobs, made Apple one of the most valuable brands in the world…jumping from just $8 billion in 2004 to more of 270 billion in 2020”, he adds.

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