Sunday, November 28

A Vigo court authorizes a mother to vaccinate her daughter against COVID despite the father’s opposition

A court in Vigo has authorized a mother to vaccinate her 12-year-old daughter against COVID-19 despite the minor’s father’s opposition. In the resolution, the magistrate states that the girl received an appointment from the Servizo Galego de Saúde (Sergas) to receive the puncture on August 23, but did not attend because she did not have the consent of her father, who argued that she feared the risks to the health of the little girl.

In this case, the parents exercise joint parental authority. The mother, who did want the minor to receive the vaccine, initiated a procedure to request that justice be pronounced. The 12th court of first instance of the city agreed with the mother. The judge points out in the car that the minor, who lives in Vigo with her mother, was listened to and conveyed her wish to be vaccinated, since most of her classmates had received the drug and she assured that she would feel more protected. The magistrate points out that the eventual health risk of receiving the vaccine is “much lower” than that which could arise from not being immunized if she becomes infected with the coronavirus. In addition, it emphasizes that the health authorities recommend vaccination against COVID-19 because it has been shown that, at this time, “it seems the only effective alternative to the real risk of developing the disease” and it is a “necessary measure that tends to protect the health of the minor “.

The judge has referred to the reports of both the girl’s pediatrician and the coroner, who have confirmed that the minor has all the vaccines provided for in the ordinary calendar, and that she is a healthy girl, who does not suffer from any allergies or diseases. that could contraindicate the COVID vaccine. In conclusion, given the disagreement between the parents on this issue, the order indicates that the mother should be given the power to decide that the vaccine should be administered to her daughter. There is an appeal against this order.

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