Wednesday, October 20

A volcano is born and I have something to tell you

The news of the day is in the eruption of the new volcano on La Palma, but first let me tell you something.

Today I come with a great surprise. The family of ‘Al día’ grows with a new format: a daily podcast that we launch … tomorrow.

It’s called ‘A Topic A Day’ and we will deal with a current issue in each chapter. It will last about 10 minutes, more or less, and I will be accompanied by the voices of the journalists you read every day on and other guests.

If we dare to launch a daily podcast, it is because the readers of this newsletter have built a huge community of people interested in new ways of getting informed. We are already more than 85,000 around here and I wait for you all in ‘Un tema al día’.

And how do you listen? You have all the information here. It’s free and will be on all platforms to listen to podcasts. Of course, ‘A topic A day’ will be available before, every night, if you follow us on Podimo, the app to listen to podcasts that sponsors us, or if you are a member. In the morning it will be published on the rest of the platforms and I will also notify you here.

We start tomorrow!

But beware, nothing changes in this newsletter. The family grows, but each one maintains its personality.

Let’s go with today. Grab a coffee and let’s go to the trouble, which is not little.


The birth of a volcano

Since 3:12 p.m. yesterday, September 19, 2021, Spain has a new volcano. We are very aware of the Canary Island of La Palma, where yesterday the magma made its way to the surface in an area known as Cumbre Vieja, after days with hundreds of low intensity earthquakes that became stronger early Sunday.

The mountain spits fire from at least 8 mouths. The lava makes its way at 4 kilometers per hour (at the rate at which a person walks) through an area not very populated but with several affected localities. The evacuation of some 10,000 people is already underway for these first hours.

  • La Palma, island jostling. Our colleague Raúl Rejón, an environmental expert, knows the island and its history well. The account here. La Palma has been taking shape based on volcanic impulses, since the eruption from the bottom of the sea three million years ago.

In the shadow of (judicial) power

The essential reading for this weekend is Ignacio Escolar’s story about Carlos Lesmes, the president of the General Council of the Judiciary. He is one of those characters who accumulate a lot of power without us hardly knowing anything about them. Escolar makes a thorough review of his professional life, with details that illustrate well how the judicial career works. The story helps to understand why the PP insists on not unblocking the governing body of the judges, nor does Lesmes consider resigning to normalize the situation. Since in 1996 he was appointed as a senior official in the first Aznar government, Lesmes has climbed the ladder of power almost always with the direct impulse of the PP and the doping of crossed favors.

The temptation of pharmaceutical companies

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the pharmaceutical companies that market the coronavirus vaccine have been sowing the idea that the double dose that we are using now is not enough to immunize us for life against Covid-19. That it takes more doses and maybe one every year. Pfizer calculated before its shareholders that the income was going to be billionaires for many years.

Large laboratories are always going to be tempted to tell us that you have to get vaccinated many times. However, independent experts question the scientific basis of this recommendation and prefer to move forward with the double dose for the entire world population, which would better block the way to the virus. More details.

Janssen. And as we debate the third dose, those vaccinated with the single dose Janssen will wonder if they need a second or what happens to them. It is interesting to read the experts To say that they were actually always a bit surprised that this brand’s serum was administered in a single dose, when it looks so much like others like AstraZeneca and Sputnik. There is no rush, but it seems that it will end up happening that a reinforcement is applied.

Do not pass

  • Neo-Nazi demonstration . On Saturday we were surprised with an ultra demonstration in Madrid, authorized and escorted by the Police but which ended without arrests, where he listened to “queer out of our neighborhoods” among other niceties. The Government will ask for an investigation a possible hate crime.
  • Employer blackout. The employers’ association has no opinion on the government decree to lower the electricity bill. The CEOE, which in principle represents the interests of those entrepreneurs who cry out to heaven for electricity prices, prefers to stay out.
  • Trial of the ERTE. There are more than 8,000 workers who will be very pending from this week of the Supreme Court. The social room analyzes possible fraud in the ERTEs of Ryanair and Arcelor Mittal, as well as in the dismissals of the telecommunications company Zener. These are elevated to the Supreme by their volume, but they are not the only ones under suspicion. The Labor Inspectorate has detected fraud in one of every six ERTE on which it has put the magnifying glass.
  • I knew it. The Prosecutor’s Office notified Juan Carlos I that it was investigating him before he submitted his regularization to the Treasury. It counts The country. The detail is important: the Penal Code only exonerates you from tax crime if you pay off your debt before they investigate you.

Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know the story of a nuclear test that took place in the US in 1955 to see what happened to canned beverages, such as beer or soft drinks, in the event of a radioactive explosion. The conclusion, in the middle of the Cold War, was striking: at a certain distance from ground zero, but still supporting a large amount of energy, the cans do not break and do not transfer contamination to the interior and the content can be used as a drinkable drink in case of emergency.
  • He did not know that mucus is sometimes green because white blood cells that fight cold viruses secrete an oxidizing fluid that turns them that color. If there is green, therefore, there is a virus, but if there is no fever for several days, that color means that the body is winning the battle. I have read it on the Instagram of this pair of pediatricians.
  • He did not know what was he hubris syndrome or Hibris, which means “excess” in Greek. More than a clinical diagnosis, it is a sociological metaphor for outrageous ego, eccentricity, and contempt for the opinions of others by people with power. Javier Sardá discovered this concept to me, during an advertisement for the television program where we met. We were talking by José Luis Moreno.

Tomorrow we read … and we listen to each other.

What nerves.

A hug,