Monday, July 26

A Vox councilor in Getafe, on the tiktoker who boasts of removing the condom: “They are the ones who are fooled”

One of the representatives of Vox in the Municipal Corporation of Getafe, José Manuel Fernández Testa, has stated that in the event that the man removes the condom without consent, they are the ones who are fooled. These words have been part of his speech in the plenary session this Monday, where the far-right formation has proposed in this Monday’s session the approval of the ‘Getafe for life’ Program for the issuance of reports and organization of sessions and colloquia on abortion and a permanent information service for pregnant women considering this option.

Among the parties that have shown their rejection of this measure, the Councilor for Citizens, Mónica Cobo Magaña, has stressed the importance of sexual education to “ensure that unwanted pregnancies do not occur.” To which the representative of Vox has responded “Do you imply that the unwanted pregnancy is the fault of the man?” they are fooled “.

The representative of Podemos, Alba Leo, has described in her Twitter profile as very serious that “she blames the victim of sexual abuse” and has announced that they will present a disapproval to the councilor in the next plenary session for “explicitly supporting the culture of the violation”.

These statements come days after the controversy following an interview with the 19-year-old TikToker Naim Darrechi, who claimed that he often lied to his sexual partners saying he was infertile or had undergone a vasectomy in order not to use a condom. Before the laugh of his interviewer, known as ‘Mostopapi’ he admitted on several occasions that he was not worried about ejaculating without protection, because “nothing had ever happened.”

The Ministry of Equality has presented the case to the Prosecutor’s Office for not being able to have consent in the event that the other party is not informed. The Government of the Balearic Islands also filed a complaint against the ‘influencer’ who has apologized on social networks after losing more than 70 thousand followers on TikTok.

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