Friday, June 9

A Vox councilor in Parla was arrested in an operation against drug trafficking

Ana González Martínez, current councilor for Vox in the Madrid town of Parla and number three on the electoral lists for the municipal elections on May 28, is in provisional prison after being arrested by the National Police in an operation against drug trafficking. drugs, according to The reason, which cites police sources. Investigators attribute crimes against public health (drug trafficking) and money laundering to him.

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González Martínez was arrested last week along with three other people. One of them is her partner, who is a professional soldier and was also sent to provisional prison. The searches took place in several industrial warehouses in the towns of Parla (Madrid) and Yeles y Borox, in the province of Toledo. According to the aforementioned newspaper, in the entries and searches carried out, more than a kilo of cocaine, marijuana, utensils for the sale and trafficking of substances, short and long weapons and their ammunition, cash and high-end motor vehicles were seized. .

According to the information that appears in the Web page of the Parla City Council, the councilor is 37 years old and has a degree in Business Administration from the Carlos III University, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and in Human Resources Administration and Management. Her gross salary as a councilor amounts to 21,494.90 euros, although she reconciles this position with her work in a private company.

In the last hours, the journalist Antonio Maestre has published a video on his Twitter account in which the councilor appears with Rocío Monasterio, leader of Vox in the Community of Madrid and candidate, and in which González denounces the alleged “problems of delinquency and sale of drugs” suffered by the municipality of Parla.

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