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A Vox councilor justifies Albuñol’s macho murder: “I’m sure he’s to blame, I’m sure she’s to blame”

Juan María Rivas, a Vox councilor in the municipality of Albuñol (Granada), has justified the sexist murder of María Trinidad Monferrer Montoro that occurred in this town. The events, which took place this Monday when her husband killed her and later took her own life because she had initiated the procedures to separate from her, have found a justification on the part of this mayor. According to his words during the plenary session of the City Council convened precisely to condemn the events, collected by Onda Cero, Rivas places as guilty not only the murderer, but also the victim and the political class. His words have even forced Vox to issue a statement asking for forgiveness.

The Civil Guard investigates the death of a married couple in Albuñol as a possible sexist crime

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For this far-right councilman, there was no reason to support the motion condemning the murder. There were none because he considers that “one of those involved” was previously convicted, in reference to the murderer. “I am sure he is to blame. I’m sure she’s to blame. But I am also sure that there is a third culprit, the society that some shoddy politicians are creating who confront people for sex, religion…”, the mayor came to say in plenary session. A few words that generated a stir and that have forced the far-right formation to apologize.

In a statement released by Vox, the party disavows Juan María Rivas and affirms that he expressed himself in those terms without having the “authorization” of the formation. “We want to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the woman murdered in Albuñol last Monday morning,” Vox clarifies in the statement. Subsequently, they consider their councilor’s statements “unfortunate” and apologize for them.

Without “authorization” from Vox

“At no time did these statements have the authorization or approval of our training, since we think they are disrespectful to the victim and with which they delve deeper into the pain of their loved ones,” sentences the far-right formation on the words of Juan María Rivas. However, although the plenary was held before the confirm that it was a case of sexist violence, the Civil Guard had already initiated the appropriate investigations into the hypothesis of a patriarchal murder that has been proven.

For his part, the controversial mayor is from Madrid, a former member of the Popular Party. A lawyer for thirty years, he was a military officer reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel and maintains a close relationship with the former provincial president of Vox and a personal friend of Santiago Abascal, Manuel Martín. Martín made headlines two months ago for being the landlord who registered Macarena Olona at her house in Salobreña without the Andalusian parliamentarian now having lived regularly at that address.

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