Friday, December 8

A Vox deputy erases her condolences to Isabel II after criticism from her followers and charges the “abortionist” Ayuso for official mourning

Vox deputy Carla Toscano has regretted “feeling” the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died yesterday after seven decades on the throne of England. “A magnificent queen has died, Elizabeth II of England, an example of self-sacrifice, sense of duty and dedication to the monarchy and the country. May God have her in her glory. RIP,” she wrote of the far-right politics on her Twitter profile in a message that she later deleted in the face of criticism from her voters.

Hours later, this morning, Toscano has followed the same line against Queen Elizabeth II that he marked last night by deleting the tweet and has reacted to Ayuso’s decision to decree three days of official mourning in the Community of Madrid: “Better that he decree mourning for the thousands of children murdered in the womb of their mothers with the money of the Community of Madrid”, he has written on the same social network.

From the extreme right-wing party, none of the leaders has expressed condolences for the death of Elizabeth II. In fact, some like Jorge Buxadé have claimed sovereignty over the rock: “#GibraltarSpanish”, he has written on his Twitter profile in response to a message from the PP of condolences to the British. The account of that social network for the party’s headquarters in A Coruña had also reacted with that message, although later, like Toscano, it has been deleted.

The party led by Santiago Abascal has stated on numerous occasions its “will” to “recover” the sovereignty of Gibraltar. This is how different members of the formation have spoken several times. Its president, in fact, has criticized that none of the parties is offering its inhabitants not to live “as hostages of the pirate Picardo”, in reference to the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo. “Vox comes here to commit itself and to say that when it depends on us, Algeciras and the Campo de Gibraltar will belong to the citizens and not to criminals or traffickers,” Abascal said at a rally.

These rallies or the messages on social networks are not the only ways in which Vox has claimed that Gibraltar belongs to Spain. They have also interrupted events, such as when the youth of the party entered a conference that Picardo was giving in Madrid shouting ‘Spanish Gibraltar’ with the national anthem in the background.

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