Wednesday, December 7

A Vox deputy, to Irene Montero: “His only merit is having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth”

The Vox deputy in the Congress of Deputies, Carla Toscano, gave a speech full of sexist insults towards the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, this Wednesday during the Budget debate plenary session, which has even caused the interruption of the session for the complaint of the deputies of United We Can and the PSOE. Toscano, who has defined Irene Montero as “the worst thing that has happened to Spain in a long time”, has also described the minister as a “liberator of rapists” and has gone so far as to ensure that “her only merit is having studied in depth to Pablo Iglesias.

We can denounce this week’s “hunt” against Irene Montero

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The vice president of Congress, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, has asked to remove those words from the session journal, in the face of the protest of the socialist benches and United We Can and amid shouts from ultra-right deputies. At the end of Toscano’s turn to speak, who has also called Irene Montero “sexually obsessed”, the Minister of Equality herself has asked to speak.

“I want to request that the political violence that is being exercised at this moment in the seat of popular sovereignty be incorporated into the session diary so that it is not erased, so that none comes after me, so that everyone can remember the political violence and who exercises it, and so that it can be known that we feminists and democrats are more and we are going to stop this band of fascists with more rights”. For just over two minutes, all the parliamentary groups, with the exception of PP and VOX, applauded Irene Montero’s words as a sign of support.

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