Friday, December 3

A Vox MEP proposes to dissolve the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha and that its headquarters be for the Civil Guard

The MEP of Vox Jorge Buxadé has proposed to allocate the Convent of San Gil, current headquarters of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, as the new headquarters of the Civil Guard in the regional capital since, he said, this building currently “only serves to take laws against the Spanish “. This is how Buxadé has spoken, who has visited the Vega Baja area in the regional capital accompanied by the councilor of his party in the City Council, María de los Ángeles Ramos, and the national deputy for the Toledo province, Manuel Mariscal.

The MEP has considered “absolutely insulting” that the national government, which has the Civil Guard working “in deplorable conditions”, intends to use the Benemérita to “justify this urban abomination” that for him is the agreement between the Toledo City Council, Junta and the Ministry of Culture for the construction of this new barracks.

“That they ask the residents of Toledo what they prefer, the Parliament or having the Civil Guard in a good property where it can serve the general interest for which it has been created,” he challenged.

Buxadé has opined that the building that houses the Autonomous Courts should be given “a better destination” and what better destination is for the Civil Guard to have better dependencies, “he added, ensuring that the regional Parliament” has a destination, which is be dissolved. ”

On the other hand, asked about the polls that affirm that Vox would enter the regional Courts and the possibility of reaching government agreements with the PP, Buxadé has first urged to wait for elections to be called and held. “When the Vox parliamentary group is perfectly constituted we will see the correlation of forces and the programs,” he pointed out. In any case, he has made it clear that “they will never” be “the crutch of those who simply want to be the generational replacement or the alternation of the PSOE” but that their objective is “to bring a social and patriotic alternative to all corners of Spain “.

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