Saturday, December 4

A Vox voter accepts six months in jail for attacking left-wing militants in Barcelona

A Vox voter has accepted six months in jail and a fine of 1,800 euros for having attacked three attorneys of ERC, the CUP and Barcelona en Comú during the 2019 municipal and European elections in Barcelona motivated by their rejection of left-wing ideology .

The supporter of Vox has reached an agreement this Friday in accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office and the private accusation exercised by the attorneys of ERC and BComú, represented by the lawyer Xavier Muñoz. It must also compensate the victims with a total of 1,000 euros for the injuries and non-pecuniary damage caused and may not approach them less than 1,000 meters or communicate by any means for four years.

The man has admitted that he committed a crime against fundamental rights and public freedoms in competition with one against moral integrity and one minor injury, as well as another minor injury and an electoral crime aggravated by ideology motivation, as claimed the accusations.

In a statement, BComú has celebrated the sentence since the aggression was “intolerable”, and has reaffirmed its objective that “violence remains outside the neighborhoods” of the Catalan capital.

In his sentence, the Barcelona Court has also imposed a three and a half year disqualification for professions in the educational, teaching, sports or leisure fields and one year for passive suffrage and has agreed to suspend his admission to prison under the condition that he does not commit a crime for two years and submits to a program of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

The events occurred on May 26, 2019, when he went to the electoral college in the Barcelona neighborhood of Ciutat Meridiana. To exercise his right to vote, the man chose a T-shirt with the inscription “AHTR”, an acronym that in groups related to neo-Nazi ideologies evokes the phrase “Adolf Hitler was right”. The condemned man appears on social networks wearing a tattoo that draws the figure of a crucified skinhead and clothes that incorporate figures and slogans linked to far-right ideologies, such as Hogar Social Madrid.

Upon arrival, a CUP attorney came out to meet him and asked if he could help him, to which the defendant snapped with a “defiant” attitude: “You are not going to put any vote in my envelope, I am from Vox” , “son of a bitch”, “what they want is to break Spain” and “red shit”. Then he passed by an ERC representative, who he also pointed with his finger and said: “You fucking independentista, you are loading the country.”

After casting his vote, the defendant turned to the CUP representative and, while shouting “shitty fag” at him, tried to pounce on him, so several people got in the way to try to stop the attack although, during the struggle, He ended up punching one of those present in the face and slapping a BComú representative on the chest.

The convicted person has acknowledged that he acted out of “feelings of contempt, rejection and intolerance towards the ideology” of the attorneys, with the intention of “ridiculing” and “making fun of” them and the members of the polling station “despising their ideology. “.

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