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A whale dies in the port of Combarro, inside the Pontevedra estuary

A whale has died this Tuesday after being trapped between the pontoons of the port of Combarro, a town in the municipality of Poio (Pontevedra) located inside the Pontevedra estuary. The cetacean was located alive at 09:30 this morning on July 12, when it was wedged between the pier and the canoeing dock, sources from the Poio Local Police have informed Europa Press.

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It is a minke whale, also known as a minke whale, 6.30 meters in size that went upstream and was trapped in the port facilities, from which it could not escape despite the efforts that caused numerous scratches and contusions to the head and body. He died minutes before 10:30 a.m., at which time technicians from the Coordinator for the Study of Marine Mammals (Cemma) arrived at the port of Combarro.

The corpse of the whale had to be recovered from the seabed, since it submerged once dead. The body was deposited on the port quay, where many onlookers have come to see the cetacean up close. Sources of this organization consulted by Europa Press have indicated that the animal does not present major injuries or wounds, beyond those caused in its attempt to escape on the jetty.

These technicians recognize what happened as “very unusual” since it is common for this type of animal to appear stranded on beaches or rocky areas once they are dead or about to perish. And it is that, in this case, the whale went upstream and arrived at the port of Combarro, located closer to the mouth of the LĂ©rez than to the outlet to the open sea.

The technicians have spent the morning collecting samples to try to determine the causes of death and extract material for scientific analysis. The body has not yet been removed. This will require the use of a crane due to the large tonnage of the animal.

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