Wednesday, December 8

A woman denounces a sexual assault and a robbery in the center of Bilbao

A woman has reported to the Ertzaintza having been the victim of a sexual assault in the center of Bilbao last weekend. The events occurred at dawn on Saturday, November 6, in the Abando neighborhood, according to sources from the Basque Police.

The Ertzaintza has opened an investigation to clarify what happened and identify the alleged perpetrator, who has not yet been arrested.

What forward ‘The Mail’, the woman denounced that a man “whom she had met that same night” sexually assaulted her in a “dark and narrow” alley in the Abando neighborhood of Bilbao that she “could not locate.”

The aggressor also allegedly stole his mobile phone and wallet, which the local police found “a few streets away”, although these extremes have not been confirmed by the Ertzaintza.

The telephone number of the Information and Attention Service for Women Victims of Domestic Violence or by Reason of Sex (SATEVI) is the 900 840 111.

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