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A woman harasses and stalks Tim Cook, CEO of Apple | Digital Trends Spanish

In California, Santa Clara County has granted a restraining order against a woman who Apple says has stalked and harassed Tim Cook, its CEO, since 2020.

The restriction, announced by the newspaper San Jose Mercury Newsprevents women from carrying weapons, entering Apple offices or any of its stores, as well as getting close to Cook or any other Apple employee.

Apple applied to a court for precautionary measures against the woman due to her erratic behavior. The company’s lawsuit cites her harassing Cook online, sending him hundreds of emails and messages on social media.

The woman’s Twitter account has messages claiming that Cook is her husband and the father of twin sons.

In an email dated December 18, 2021, the woman demanded a $500 million payment from Cook. In her message, the woman pointed out that if she did, she “would forget and forgive everything.”

However, Apple fears that the attacks will move to the real world, after the woman broke into one of Cook’s residences located in Palo Alto in October 2020. The woman was arrested by local police.

According to official documents, she would be a native of Virginia and would have driven to San Francisco to appear at Cook’s home in the San Francisco Bay area.

Cook enjoys private security paid for by Apple. According to company financial documents, spending on bodyguards ascended in 2021 to $630,630 dollars.

Tim Cook’s fortune is valued at $1.4 billion.

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