Tuesday, January 18

A woman murdered by several stab wounds in Granada in a new case of sexist violence

The National Police arrested a 44-year-old man after noon this Friday as the alleged perpetrator of the violent death of a 39-year-old woman with whom he has had a romantic relationship and to whom, according to the first indications, he has committed several stab wounds in the garage of a building located in the Parque Nueva Granada neighborhood, according to police sources informed Europa Press.

The alleged aggressor has been arrested at around 1:45 p.m. after he allegedly alerted himself that he had ended the life of this woman, a crime that is being investigated as an allegedly violent male chauvinist and for which several staff of the Scientific Police, Homicides , and Citizen Security have moved to the scene of the events, on Matilde Cantos street in the capital of Granada. The sources indicate that it is being investigated whether at the time of the events they were in a couple relationship, or had already separated.

The woman had not filed prior complaints and leaves behind two daughters, 6 and 4 years old. This was stated this Friday in a note by the Granada City Council, which has decreed three days of official mourning for the crime of this woman, Lorena Requena Portero, which is being investigated as an alleged crime of gender violence. Nor was the alleged perpetrator within the VioGen system, as detailed by the City Council, which indicates that the alleged aggressor would be “her husband.”

The mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, has condemned the events and conveyed his condolences on behalf of the entire city to the victim’s family and friends, also announcing the call for a minute of silence as a sign of rejection of this alleged sexist crime at 12.00 this Saturday in the Plaza del Carmen, in front of the Town Hall.

Cuenca has appealed to all institutions and society to “work hand in hand and tirelessly to stop all kinds of sexist behaviors and behaviors that lead to the most cruel forms of violence against women.” “It is urgent to give a definitive solution to this terrible social scourge that does so much damage,” he added.

For its part, the Equality area of ​​the Granada City Council has reported that there was no prior complaint from the victim, nor was the alleged murderer within the VioGen System.

According to the first indications, the alleged aggressor has stabbed the victim several times in the garage of a building located in the Parque Nueva Granada neighborhood, and later gave notice of what happened, after which he was detained by the National Police, police sources have detailed Europa Press.

The City Council has suspended the events of the weekend’s agenda, in which the inauguration of the Brígido López Square was scheduled, as well as the Christmas music and lights show in the Plaza del Carmen as a sign of mourning.

The Granada Provincial Council has also transferred its sentence for this “atrocious murder” and has advanced that it will join the minute of silence called by the City Council for Saturday at 12 noon in the Plaza del Carmen. The deputy for Equality, Youth and Electronic Administration, Mercedes Garzón, on behalf of the institution, has shown through a note her pain and indignation at this “brutal” crime and has indicated that this supposed new case of sexist violence “is full of sadness, anger and impotence to the whole society “.

“Sexist violence concerns all of society and we must all act until it is eradicated,” he said. He also recalled that it is necessary for the institutions to continue acting with “public policies, with determination and from unity” to “end these atrocities that shame us as a society.”

Garzón has reiterated his rejection of any type of violence against women and has conveyed his condolences and support to the victim’s family and friends. In addition, it has underlined the importance of women reporting the slightest indication of gender-based violence.