Sunday, January 29

A young Castilian-La Mancha enters the list of the most influential Spaniards on the internet

2021 has been a tattooing year in the life of Alexis Bautista, better known as Alexis Crypto. At only 21 years old, This young man, from the Cuenca town of Valverde del Júcar, has entered the list of the 25 most influential Spaniards on the internet and it has done so thanks to its entrepreneurship project in a sector that is still a novelty: cryptocurrencies.

Alexis’s relationship with him blockchain It is not something recent, but it started when I was only 11 years old. At that time, the young decided to start researching and training. Over time, he began to share part of that training through his Instagram profile (@alexis_crypto) and his YouTube channel.

Seeing that people’s interest was growing, last March, Alexis created Conquer Crypto, an entrepreneurial project focused on cryptocurrency research, analysis and training. This project is, at the moment, the largest school in its sector at a national level, which makes this young Castilian-La Mancha native a benchmark in digital investment.

I think there is a general fear of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and blockchain technology in general” explains Alexis, “and that fear, above all, comes from the lack of information. That is why I wanted training to be the center of my project”, he adds.

Conquer Crypto

Conquer Crypto is not Alexis Bautista’s first entrepreneurial project, “I had an ecommerce, an online fitness consultancy business, other academies… I have had many things, but they were all failures. But this year has been the first time that one of my projects started to grow”, says the young man. That growth, he acknowledges, has been a surprise to him. “I could foresee the rise of bitcoin but with the venture it is not known. 90% of businesses fail. ensures.

For this young man from Cuenca, the success of his project is due, above all, to the fact that work has been and continues to be his priority.What I have done has been to take advantage of the time very wellor. I am 21 years old, but I haven’t been out partying since I was 18 and in 2021 I will have taken a day or two off. Anyone who knows me knows that I am working all day, all day studying, all day training, all day looking at the market… in short, all day focused on getting what I want”, says.

Thanks to this tenacity, Alexis has managed to become a reference in his sector and has been chosen as one of the 25 most influential Spaniards on the internet by Merca2, reference medium in economic and business information.

This recognition that rewards not only his work, but also his visionary character. “Currently cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are in a very similar phase to which the internet was in the year 97. This means that in the coming decades it is going to experience brutal growth and that is the key, not to invest when everyone is doing it, but to invest now in what everyone will invest in in 10 years”, he explains. .