Sunday, May 28

A young man convicted of sexist violence, the one chosen by the PP to lead the candidacy in A Illa de Arousa

The candidate of the Popular Party in A Illa de Arousa (Pontevedra), Matías González Cañón, was sentenced in 2011 for the crime of ill-treatment of his ex-partner, for which he served a sentence of 25 days of community work and a 9-month ban to communicate with the victim. During the quick trial, held in March of that year, the Prosecutor’s Office presented an indictment that demanded a sentence of 10 months in prison.

The advertising campaign of the Xunta against gender violence, the worst and most sexist of the year for FACUA


The events date back to the beginning of February 2011. At five o’clock that morning González Cañón started an argument with his ex-partner in the middle of the street and ended up hitting her in the face. She ended up lying on the floor that night with a partially broken tooth and minor cervical injuries. The testimonies of the neighbors who heard the fight were definitive to establish the sentence against the now candidate of the PP.

The story that the victim transferred to the judge is the following: “I wanted to enter the house. We started arguing and he grabbed my arm.” After that first grab came the blows.

González Cañón is a young 34-year-old security guard, who has been commissioned by the PP to assault municipal power in this town hall of almost 5,000 inhabitants, traditionally in the hands of the Socialist Party. The candidate inherited the position from his father, Juan José González, a visible face of the PP on the island for years.

The facts, which are related in the sentence to which has had access, are known by the residents of this small town, in which almost all the residents know who the others are. This newsroom has contacted the Popular Party to ask if they were aware of the facts when they decided to bet on their young candidate. The formation led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for the moment, is silent as an answer.

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