Friday, September 22

A young man dies after being caught by the embolado bull in Soneja (Castelló)

A young man, a resident of Segorbe (Castelló), has died after being caught by a bull during Bullfighting Week in the Castellón municipality of Soneja, whose city council has decreed three days of official mourning, according to a statement from the consistory this Sunday.

The young man suffered last Friday “a showy catch” by the embolado bull during the bullfights of the first week of August in this Castellón town.

In a statement from the Soneja City Council published on social networks, its mayor, Benjamín Escriche, has stated that it is “the worst news we would have wanted to give to end” Bullfighting Week and “it fills us with deep sadness and regret”.

Escriche has conveyed on behalf of the people of Soneja his solidarity and closeness to the family of the deceased and has made himself available for whatever he needs.

The City Council has decreed three days of official mourning, from today Sunday until next Tuesday.