Friday, September 24

A young man dies while trying to swim to Ceuta from Morocco through the El Tarajal breakwater

A young man has died in Ceuta on Thursday night when trying to swim along the Tarajal breakwater, and another has been rescued alive, as confirmed to Europa Press by the Civil Guard.

During the night there was an attempt to swim by two Moroccans, which was detected by the Civil Guard through the heat cameras. The maritime unit went to the scene and managed to rescue the survivor while the body of the deceased was recovered by GEAS agents.

The two young men were trying to access Ceuta by swimming around the breakwater that separates Morocco from the autonomous city and one of them has run out of strength and has not been able to continue.

Both have been transferred at first to the base of the Maritime Service. The survivor has been treated by the Red Cross, and the body of the deceased has been transferred to the forensic institute.

The Civil Guard has not been able to confirm for the moment if it is a minor and will have to wait for the autopsy.

At least 1,146 people have died in the first half of the year in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic trying to reach Europe, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Of these, 399, a third, have died trying to cross one of the routes to Spain, although it is feared that the figure is even higher.

Data from the NGO Caminando Fronteras, which tracks the victims thanks to the contact of their families, indicate that at least 2,087 people have died or disappeared at sea in their attempt to arrive in Spain irregularly in the first six months. of 2021.

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