Sunday, September 19

A young man from Valle de Santa Ana (Badajoz) denounces a homophobic attack that the Civil Guard is already investigating

The Civil Guard investigates an alleged homophobic attack in Valle de Santa Ana (Badajoz, 1,100 inhabitants), after a young man has filed a complaint against several minors for allegedly having been insulted and attacked when he was walking last night on a street in this town.

The victim, Jesús Vázquez Laso, resides in Tenerife where he works as a teacher and is these days in his hometown, Valle de Santa Ana, with his family. In his profile on a social network, he has expressed his “pain, anger and sadness” for this fact that he has publicly denounced.

Last July, he recalled, “Samuel was murdered in Galicia while he was enjoying the night with his friends,” to later add: “Samuel was killed for living his life freely and being faithful to his feelings and ideas.”

“Yesterday it was my turn. Fortunately, I can tell you about it. Last night they insulted me, humiliated me and beat me up. In my town, Valle de Santa Ana. On my own street,” the young man lamented, with a shout of ” Enough already! ” and of “there is no right to this”.

The mayor of Valle de Santa Ana, Manuel Adame, has conveyed the “concern” of the neighbors about this fact and has asked for “prudence” as minors are involved, with families who are “very affected” by what happened. The case is already “in the hands of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.”

According to him, the young man was heading towards his family home at around 11:00 pm when they “began to insult him” from a car in which a group of minors were traveling. When he reached his house, where his mother was sitting on a bench accompanied by another person, one of the occupants got out of the vehicle and began to “reprimand” him.

Apparently, he has indicated, they have “harassed and shaken” him, with “some push”, which would have caused “scratches”.

The City Council has asked the Government Delegation for authorization to hold a rally at the gates of the town hall this Friday, at 8:00 p.m., in rejection of this type of conduct.