Wednesday, May 18

A young man “with neo-Nazi aesthetics” arrested for the attack on the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena with a Molotov cocktail

The National Police has arrested a 20-year-old “neo-Nazi aesthetic”, an extreme right-wing movement, for the attack on the Podemos headquarters in Cartagena with a Molotov cocktail at dawn on April 2, as has been advanced this Friday the newspaper La Opinion. As Murcia has learned, FSM was arrested on Tirso de Molina street in the port city, where the detainee’s home is located and which was later searched by agents of the National Police. The proceedings in the young man’s home, where neo-Nazi symbol material was seized, lasted until Thursday afternoon.

FSM is expected to go to court in the next few hours, and it has not yet transpired if it is directly related to the launch of the Molotov cocktail, which resulted in several explosions and a fire, against the headquarters of Podemos, a party from which The attack was linked from the beginning with a hate crime committed by far-right groups based in the Region.

The regional deputy of Podemos, Javier Sánchez Serna, stressed this Friday that the attack “is not the work of an unbalanced person who acts on his own; it takes place in the midst of a soup of violence fueled by the extreme right and their hate speech “and recalled that the headquarters in Cartagena has suffered up to 6 attacks.

And he pointed out that with the arrest of the young man this Thursday “ends 4 months of slander by some national and regional media; in the face of such a serious attack, some decided to replicate the hoaxes of the far-right forums that spoke of a false attack or self-inflicted attack. ”

The National Police continues with the interrogations of witnesses to the assault and does not rule out making more arrests. The launch of the explosive was preceded by a series of offensive graffiti on the exterior walls of the headquarters, as denounced hours later by the party’s general secretary, Pablo Iglesias, and the regional deputy Javier Sánchez Serna, who released a video recorded by surveillance cameras and described the assault as an attack by the “extreme right” and “street terrorism.”

Precisely this Wednesday the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) fined Podemos 2,400 euros “for the installation of a video surveillance system that could record excessively on public roads” (the cameras must be oriented towards the interior of the premises) and another “for lacking the approved poster system” violating data protection regulations.