Sunday, October 1

A young woman denounces a sexual assault in the Gipuzkoan town of Beasain

A 20-year-old girl has reported being the victim of a sexual assault, which occurred early Sunday morning during the Loinatz festivities, in Beasain. In a statement collected by Europa Press, the spokespersons of the parties that make up the City Council of the Gipuzkoan town have maintained that it is “in the face of an alleged aggression”, in such a way that the clarification of the event is “in the hands of the Ertzaintza and of medical services”.

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In this way, and although as they have indicated the investigation of the facts is “in process”, the City Council has offered all its help to the alleged victim and his family. Likewise, they have recalled that “sexual assaults are unacceptable, since they are direct attacks against people’s freedom, against their dignity; especially when they are to women”.

On the other hand, Goierri’s Itaia movement promoted a protest rally on Sunday afternoon that took place in Beasain’s Bideluze square. “We cannot understand these aggressions on our own. The macho ideology, which has become a cultural norm, favors a context of supremacy of men, and in this context there are aggressions against working women. Given this, we will continue to point out the aggressor, denouncing the aggression and providing the means to deal with this situation,” the movement said on social networks.