Saturday, May 21

Ábalos says that the cases before the Court of Accounts are “stones in the road” of dialogue and they are going to unblock it.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, affirmed this Friday that the cases that are being followed in the Court of Accounts against high-ranking positions of the Government are “stones in the road” in the process of dialogue with the Generalitat.

Abalos has made these statements on the microphones of Ser Catalunya, during an interview on the program Here, amb Josep Cuní, where he also stated that they will try to remove obstacles to negotiation, always within the legal margins. “We knew that all these causes, which are still stones on this path, were there,” said the minister. “Therefore, it is up to us to unravel all this way, but always do it from the recognition of the bodies and institutions, and within the law.”

Specifically, Ábalos has referred to the case of Andreu Mas-Colell, a former minister of the Government and one of those investigated by the Court of Accounts. The minister has recognized that Mas-Colell’s case is striking, after prestigious economists from around the world, including 33 Nobel laureates in economics, have spoken in his favor. However, the minister has stressed that he will not question the function of bodies such as the Court of Accounts and that any solution must be in accordance with the law.

In this sense, the socialist has defended that the decision of the Government to pardon the nine convicted of sedition and embezzlement by 1-O was a favorable step for dialogue: “More damage was done by having these people in jail than outside of jail, honestly. ”

The also secretary of Organization of the PSOE has ensured that it was foreseeable that the prisoners would claim independence when leaving prison, and considers that his speech comes from “not immediately assuming the frustration caused by the ‘procés'” and from the own emotion of release.

In this context, he considers that the Government has defended a “position of political centrality” in the face of the polarization in which it believes the independence movement is and what it has labeled as Spanish ultra-nationalism.

It considers that the appeals to pardons are “propaganda”

Regarding the resources of Cs, Vox and PP to the pardons, he has affirmed that they are “propaganda to give consistency to his hysteria”, since he considers that they know that they lack legitimacy to challenge his concession.

He lamented the “permanent practice of the right” of bringing to court initiatives that fail to carry out politically, and recalled that, in parallel, former leaders of the PP are facing the investigation into Operation Kitchen in court.