Monday, August 15

Abascal outlines his program to agree with the PP

“We are committed to repealing all extremist legislative muck that has been brought into this House and separatist illegalities.” Declaration of intentions by Santiago Abascal during the debate on the state of the nation in which he has extended his hand to the PP to set up the “alternative” to the coalition government. “Our pulse will not shake. We are going to repeal everything when we have the opportunity. We will repeal all sectarian laws that are far from the interests of the Spanish and from all consensuses”, said the leader of Vox about the initiatives that the Executive has carried out with a majority in Congress.

The PP appropriates the memory of the victims of ETA to place itself “in front of the Government”

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The main objectives of the head of the extreme right have been the democratic memory law – which the PP has also promised to eliminate and Vox has said it will take to the Constitutional Law – and the trans law. “Capriciously, a man can acquire the status of a woman,” he has said in reference to that norm that supports gender self-determination. For the leader of Vox, “a child without sufficient maturity” will be able to make decisions that will lead to “hormone him and mutilate him”. “He will end up denouncing the governments that promoted him and they will have to be personally responsible with their assets for the compensation that is already being claimed in other countries,” Abascal has predicted.

It was there that the leader of the extreme right addressed the PP bench to ask them “if they are willing to be firm on this issue” and to commit to repeal it if they have “the opportunity to do so”. “Only from that firmness will we be able to build a real alternative, with our legitimate differences, broad in some aspects, but an alternative to give the Spanish what they demand, which is the expulsion of this Government. We are committed to doing it”, said Abascal, who has also referred to the law of “brutal promotion of abortion”, the euthanasia law, the laws of “fiscal robbery”, the law of educational reform or “climate suicide ”.

Abascal has once again exposed his climate change denier speech and has spread the conspiracy theory. “Nobody has the honesty to ask why the most crazed speeches of climate fanaticism that we have heard on this platform are the same ones that we hear from the big bankers, CEOs of large multinationals and large investment funds?”, he asked. . “The law of climate suicide” is one of the initiatives with which he intends to end if the head of Vox, who has opted for nuclear energy, comes to the Government.

The leader of the extreme right has accused the Government of taking advantage of inflation “to collect and fleece the Spanish”. “It is the worst tax for the middle and working classes”, he has said about the rise in prices. Of course, he has questioned the tax on banks and companies that the president has announced. “It has announced measures to collect an additional 1,500 million and within 20 minutes it has caused losses for small savers and a scare for investors worth 6,000 million,” he said in reference to the drop of these large companies on the stock market.

The leader of Vox has taken the opportunity to vindicate the Government of Castilla y León, to which the PP gave entry, for having reduced subsidies to workers’ and employers’ organizations. “I want to congratulate the PP for having fulfilled its government agreement because Spaniards need to see that at this time of difficulty, given the seriousness of the situation, there are politicians who are aware that superfluous expenses must be cut and dedicated to what is important. I encourage you to follow this same course in other institutions”, said Abascal before the serious look of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. “I encourage you to stop hindering the repeal of the historical memory law and replace it with a law of harmony as agreed,” he added.

Pedro Sánchez has replied precisely about the agreement in Castilla y León, which Abascal has boasted of despite the fact that his envoy to the Government of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco has backed down. “I regret that the PP has been dragged into its theses and that they identify superfluous spending with spending related to social dialogue,” he said, to defend that said social dialogue “has saved many jobs throughout the pandemic with 15 agreements during the two years of the pandemic. “I don’t understand why link something that is good to guarantee social peace with superfluous spending. Unless you do not want social peace but to polarize, instill social fear and that your theses gain strength, ”he pointed out.

In addition, Sánchez has reproached him “for rejecting the extraordinary tax on banks and energy companies” that he announced during his speech at the debate on the state of the nation. “As a result of the ECB’s policy change, dividends from financial institutions are extraordinary,” said Sánchez. “It seems strange to me that a party that calls itself a worker, like yours, opposes putting a tax on banks,” he continued.

Sánchez recalled that “in the financial crisis a rescue of 67,000 million euros was carried out” and that “the rise in interest rates already produces a rise in the margins of credit institutions”. The president has given as an example that in the first quarter of 2021 “the five big banks earned almost 20,000 million, 45% more than in 2020.” And he has continued: “In the first quarter of 2022, profits have increased even more. Banco Santander, 58%; BBVA, 59%, la Caixa, 22%; and Sabadell, more than 100%”.

“What problem do they have in large financial institutions putting their shoulders to the wheel to help protect families, companies and large industries”, concluded Sánchez.