Thursday, September 16

Abascal raises his xenophobic discourse and points to migrants as the “enemies of Spain”

“They want to gag the Spaniards while they are with the enemies of the Spaniards, who are the ones who assault our borders.” With this sentence Santiago Abascal has concluded his most racist and Xenophobic speech in Congress. It is not the first time that the president of Vox has attacked migrants or linked them to certain crimes, but until now, at least in parliament, he had never dared to argue that those who cross the border or live in Spain irregularly they are a risk to the nation.

Vox charges migrant minors with manipulated data in their campaign posters

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Abascal has intervened in the first control session of the new parliamentary course after the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who has already launched a harsh speech against Pedro Sánchez and the Government. Casado has demanded, once again, the resignation of the president, whom he has identified as “the main problem in Spain.”

The far-right leader has gone, as usual, further than that of the PP. And this time it has reached the top when it comes to xenophobic speeches in Congress. Abascal has reiterated the litany of epithets that Vox habitually throws against the coalition Executive. From his condition of “illegitimate” to that of “traitor” to the nation, Justice and the king.

He has also victimized himself, insinuating that the Government wants to outlaw Vox. For this, he pointed out, “they have been accusing” Vox “of hate crimes against women and immigrants”, “including crimes that have not occurred, the assembly of the envelopes and the assembly of Malasaña,” he added. Abascal has described the death threats received during the electoral campaign in Madrid by the former vice president of the Government and candidate of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, or the director of the Civil Guard, María Gamez. And he has also blamed the Government for the repercussions of the false report of a homophobic attack in Madrid that ended with the victim acknowledging that the injuries were produced in a different way than what he initially said.

Abascal has cited a string of other alleged events of which “not a word has been heard”, he said, such as “the Maghreb herd that raped a girl in Formentera, the girl who was left without teeth attacked by some ore, the man from Palencia attacked by a Maghreb because he was eating a ham sandwich or the young Muslim man from Melilla attacked for being gay. “” When the victims are useless to demonize Vox, you are silent, “he has settled. Once from Vox they manipulate data to build a racist and xenophobic discourse.

After the usual victimization, Abascal has launched the attack against migrants, but this time adding a new contempt for them. “They are capable of anything as long as they do not recognize the close relationship between the safety of Spaniards and the call effect and the open-door policies for which they are responsible,” he snapped. “They want to gag the Spaniards while they are with the enemies of the Spaniards, who are the ones who assault our borders, they want to lead us to ruin, divide the country and spread panic in the streets,” he concluded.

Abascal has consumed in his xenophobic speech all the time that he enjoys in the control session. Despite the fact that the regulation allows it to be used twice, to thus allow debate or reply between deputies and the Government, the far-right leader has not saved a second to respond to Pedro Sánchez.

The president has reproached Abascal precisely for his rejection of dialogue. “How sad Spain defends you in which only fit you and those who think like you, and there is no room for a large majority of citizens. We have a model of society in which we all fit, you too,” he snapped.

“They consider that dialogue is an attack on reason. What a betrayal it is to dialogue with someone who thinks differently,” lamented Sánchez, who pointed out that Abascal refuses to speak with members of the Government. “When there have been ministers, or I myself, who have tried to contact you, you do not get on the phone,” he said. “You come, drop your speech and it is over. Well, it is his way of understanding democracy, “concluded the Prime Minister.

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