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ABBA returns forty years later with a ‘trip’ for nostalgics and millennials

The Swedish ABBA quartet seemed to have come to an end with their separation in 1982, but the creators of mythical songs like Dancing queen They seem to be willing to continue surprising forty years later: last Thursday, September 2, they announced a new album entitled Voyage.

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For now, a few details of the expected return are already known. ABBA’s ninth studio album will contain ten songs and will be released on November 5. The launch will be accompanied by a holographic show called ABBA Voyage, which can be seen in the London Olympic Park.

With the announcement of the new album, the group has taken the opportunity to whet the appetite of classic fans, while they seem to be looking for new sounds that capture the attention of a younger audience. That is why they have already released the first two singles: I Still Have Faith In You and Don´t Shut Me Down.

The team composed of Anni-Frid Lyngstad (75), Agnetha Fältskog (71), Björn Ulvaeus (76) and Benny Andersson (74) began to generate expectations on August 26. with an enigmatic announcement through their social networks, after four decades of musical lethargy after their separation in 1982.

To the presentation event of Voyage In London, broadcast live on YouTube, the two male members of the band attended, who recounted how this comeback was forged, and the joy they experienced at “getting back together again in the studio.”

It seems that in their seventies, the four musicians continue to understand each other in the recording studio: what was to be a couple of commemorative songs ended up becoming an entire album. According to Ulvaeus, the recording process brought “memories” and their friendship to life. “It seemed that no time had passed,” he said during the presentation.

For this reason, ABBA says it is “proud” of the work done. “We have done the best we could at our age,” they jokingly stated at the presentation.

In little more than a decade in operation -from 1971 to 198-, the Swedes composed more than 100 songs that have become timeless hits, such as Waterloo, with which they were proclaimed winners of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest; or Mamma mia, which gives name to the musical inspired by his discography.

Only a group like Abba could create such excitement four decades later, as their songs have transcended several generations without losing an iota of freshness. Although Anderson confessed during the presentation that, to this day, he still has not understood the reason for his success, nor does he know if this album will shine in the same way.

But a comeback of such magnitude could not remain in a simple studio album, so the Swedes have struck the table by proposing a high-tech holographic show that will take place on a stage built for that sole purpose.

Lyngstad, Fältskog, Ulvaeus and Andersson appeared in front of 160 cameras wearing a suit and a helmet that allowed their movements to be monitored, with the aim of creating an innovative concert of 22 “greatest hits” and lasting an hour and a half.

Among the producers of this holographic tour, which will put its tickets on sale on September 7, is Ludvig Anderson -son of Benny Anderson-, who told Efe that “it will offer a new way of seeing concerts”, which allows you to go directly to the “soul” of what music means.

With the beginning of this new stage, his millions of followers will stop singing that of “How much I miss you”, and will change it for a “Thanks for the music”. Because ABBA is back, and also in style. Raúl Bobé

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