Friday, January 28

Abbey Mortgage holds handshake meeting with cooperatives groups across private sector

Abbey Mortgage Plc, a leading mortgage firm playing big in the real estate sector, as part of efforts to deepen its interaction with clients, partners and industry stakeholders hosted the 2021 Handshake Meeting with Cooperatives.

The event featured opening remarks by the Managing Director, Abbey Mortgage Bank, Madu Hamman on Friday.

According to him, the mortgage bank organized the event to interact with the cooperative societies selected across organizations in the private sector and understanding their plans for their members in 2022.

He said, “Abbey Mortgage Bank is an institution that is dedicated to meeting the needs of its stakeholders, which is why we invited the Cooperative Societies of several organizations to feel their pulse and understand their needs to come up with products that will address such needs.

“Abbey Mortgage Bank has been a key player in the mortgage industry for close to three decades. The brand serves as a sneak peek into its quest to provide adequate support to real estate developers and individuals by leveraging its new digital solutions that will enhance the brand’s product offerings.”

Participants laud Abbey Mortgage Bank

Opera Derick, the President, Fidelity Bank Cooperative Society, was one of the participants.

According to him, the initiative is laudable, as his group has already met and decided to look for a mortgage bank that will fit into their plans.

Peter Odije, Vice President, West African Exploration and Production Multipurpose Cooperative Society is another participants that praised the efforts of the management of Abbey Mortgage Bank to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of its stakeholders.

“I am looking at opening an account with Abbey Mortgage Bank, so I can buy one of their products.”

The Group Head, Retails, Abbey Mortgage Bank, explained that the event is part of the company’s commitment towards creating suitable products to meet the needs of its stakeholders in 2022.

He said, “Since we have rebranded, constant engagement has been a major tool used to design great products for our customers.”