Monday, July 26

ABC demands the immediate release of its correspondent in Havana



The arrest of the ABC correspondent in Cuba, Camila Acosta, as well as that of many other of his colleagues in the profession, who limit themselves to fulfilling their right and duty to inform, is completely inadmissible. ABC demands their immediate release, the return of all the professional material that has been seized from her home and, of course, the lifting of the charges that the Cuban regime intends to raise against her for alleged “crimes against the security of the State.” We also demand a restitution of your honor and the end of the campaign of harassment suffered by both Camila Acosta and her family through Castro’s agents in her neighborhood. ABC has asked the Spanish Government to exercise its diplomatic offices before the Government of Havana so that justice is done not only with the newspaper’s correspondent but also with all journalists who have been arrested and threatened on the island.

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