Thursday, December 8

Abel Caballero turns on the festive lighting in Vigo: “Christmas has started on the planet”

The Christmas lights in Vigo are on from this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and they will stay that way for the next few weeks. The mayor, Abel Caballero, summoned residents and the media under the 35-meter tree installed in the center of the city to press the button with which the lights began to light up. “Christmas started on the planet,” he proclaimed. To the Galician city, he assured him, the others can now follow it in the celebration.

Abel Caballero: “Feij√≥o is absolutely insolvent and has no capacity for dialogue”

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Caballero has made a flag of the city’s Christmas lights. Year after year attention and announcements are devoted to turning on the lights and the event has become an event: an event is organized to which the entire local government attends, the media count down on their websites and their own and others end up finding out about the event. exact number of leds that illuminate -there are 11 million- the city, the hours at which the songs are played and the number of pieces in the repertoire -six, on this occasion-. This year, the year of the energy crisis and savings plans, is no exception. The councilor has been warning him since August, when the installation tasks began: it would be “nonsense” not to turn on the lights, “it would mean that Putin won.” He compromised with a reduction in the time they will be running, one hour less.

For this year’s ignition there were 92 journalists from 36 different media accredited to cover the ignition. The mayor appeared on stage, accompanied by his team in the local government, a few minutes before 7:00 p.m. to “start Christmas on the planet.” He joked that the rain, which fell throughout the day on the city, stopped at that moment: “I made a decree.” He asked those present to follow him in a trilingual countdown – English, Spanish and Galician – and declared the festive season to be inaugurated. “Then it will start in New York, in London, in Paris, in Rome and throughout Spain,” he said. And he danced with the rest of his team happy xmas of John Lennon and the Englishman in New York of Sting.

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