Monday, August 8

Abertis and the unions agree to lay off 340 workers for the end of several tolls in Catalonia

The concessionaires Acesa, Autopistas España and Invicat, of the Abertis group, and the unions have signed the final agreement to dismiss 340 workers before the end of the concessions in Catalonia on August 31st. As reported this Friday Autopistas, the concessionaires and representatives of CCOO, UGT, USO, CGT and PITA signed yesterday the final agreement of the Company Regulation File (ERE), after having been approved by the majority of the affected workers in consultation carried out by the unions.

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On August 16, the company presented the final proposal for the EREs of Acesa, Autopistas España and Invicat, which was submitted to the affected workers for consultation. Dismissal conditions include 45 days per year worked; a minimum compensation of 45,000 euros for personnel with less compensation; and a linear compensation of 7,500 euros for employees with a minimum seniority of 12 years.

In addition, there will be an external relocation plan for all workers affected by the ERE with personalized attention, medical insurance for one year in charge of the company, preferential right of hiring in the event of need for personnel by the concession companies until 2024 and agreement special quote for people over 55 years old.

According to CCOO, the layoffs will affect 264 people from Acesa, 6 from Autopistas España and 70 from Invicat. The ERE will affect workers on the AP-7 (La Jonquera-Salou), AP-2 (Zaragoza-Mediterranean), C-31, C-32 and C-33 (Montgat-Palafolls) toll roads mainly linked to tolls and central services . The presentation of the ERE has been justified by the termination on August 31 of the concession contract for these payment methods and its reversion to the administration.