Friday, December 3

About 30 Argentine companies participate in the most important trade fair in China

This initiative of the Chinese Government, organized by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and entirely dedicated to the importation of international suppliers, “offers Argentine production the opportunity to make contact with thousands of potential buyers, both from the private sector and public organizations. Chinese, who will visit the fair daily, as well as the possibility of reaching a market of 1.3 billion consumers, “said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This year, Argentina exhibits a 400m2 national pavilion on the Exposition site coordinated by the AAICI, the Embassy in Beijing and the Argentine Consulate in Shanghai. The pavilion has a stand so that 26 Argentine companies in the food and beverage sector can exhibit and make presentations of their products through a video wall and audio system.

This year 26 Argentine companies from the food sector will participate: 19 are from wine; 2 fishing; 4 companies are of varied foods and 1 citrus association (occupying 2 spaces).

The head of the AACI, Juan Usandivaras, explained that “the diversification and increase of exporting companies is a priority of the commercial insertion strategy carried out by Foreign Minister Cafiero and we work from the Agency in this direction. This Exhibition constitutes a great opportunity for our policy of diversifying exports to the Chinese market.. When companies manage to insert themselves and above all stay, the bond with Chinese counterparts is strengthened ”,

“During the inauguration, the President of the Nation referred to the importance of strengthening the federal character of Argentine exports, and this is one of the Agency’s work axes, through articulation within the framework of the Federal Network”, Usandivaras highlighted. There are companies throughout Argentina that are in a position to satisfy the Chinese demand for various high-quality products and services, ”he said.

For his part, the Argentine ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, promoted at the CIIE the deepening of bilateral cooperation and commercial exchange in the sector of services based on knowledge and Biotechnology by participating in the Central panel of the IV Hongqiao International Economic Forum “Cooperation for development: world agricultural trade and rural revitalization”, together with the Vice Ministers of Agriculture, Ma Youxiang, and of Trade, Ren Hongbin, and the presidents of the China Agricultural University, Sun Qixin, and the President of COFCO (China Oil and Foodstuffs Corporation), Luan Richeng, one of the largest food companies in the world.

“We are recognized as a world leader in food production, with high levels of productivity, quality and safety, as well as a long tradition of innovation in the sector. In recent decades, along with the development of new technologies, this trend has accelerated, and we occupy a leading position due to our talent, technology and knowledge. The sector of technology-based companies focused on the agri-food sector has reached an important level of consolidation in Argentina ”, Vaca Narvaja highlighted.

The ambassador affirmed that “due to its essential function, The provision of food with safety and quality standards has a central relevance, the experience at the moment shows us the importance of cooperation and of an international agricultural trade that is based on rules, and that it remains stable, predictable, without distorting and protectionist agricultural policies to guarantee that food can move and get to where it is needed ”.

“Argentina has established itself as one of the main food producing and exporting countries, capable of increasing its production in a sustainable and competitive way. The great complementarity of our economies allows us to project a shared development that is very beneficial for both countries ”, he closed.

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