Saturday, December 4

About the delinquency of Juan Carlos I

The “regularizations” of Juan Carlos de Borbón – king abdicated since 2014 – of 678,393 and 4,000,000 euros before the Spanish Tax Administration reveal, offensively to all citizens, how who has occupied the highest hierarchy of the State for 36 years, he despises and tramples on the 1978 Constitution. Especially when the Minimum Vital Income has just been approved, which, for some households, represents the modest amount of about 1,000 euros per month. But it is the consequence of a monarchy, instituted by the fierce and bloody dictatorship of Franco and his allies, although it was later ratified by the Spanish people. But said individual, beyond certain merits of his first stage, cannot, under any circumstances, ignore that the Constitution that raised him to the category of first member of the monarchical institution required and continues to demand a conduct of the utmost respect and loyalty.

Several questions could be asked to prove that, to the extent that it has flagrantly disobeyed the Constitution, it has made the institution it represented and controlled an undemocratic institution worthy of the harshest reproach and of being subjected to the judgment of all Spaniards. Mr. Juan Carlos, do you know that he was the first person in charge of “guaranteeing a just economic and social order”? Do you know that you had the duty to ensure that “the freedom and equality of the Spanish were real and effective”? What has been your contribution for these constitutional purposes? Absolutely none. Moreover, he has taken advantage of his very high position to deepen social and economic inequality – recent regularizations are one of the many examples – and foster an increasingly fragmented and impoverished society. Faced with this harsh reality, it is necessary that the Institutions of the Judicial Power, and particularly the Public Prosecutor’s Office, do not shirk their responsibilities – as they have done so far – and that the public celebrate the day on which Juan Carlos I is charged and tried before the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court. Under the very serious risk, if not, of incurring in possible prevaricating behaviors.

But Juan Carlos doesn’t have enough. He has taken advantage of his high position to further impoverish Spain by illicitly enriching himself and, in addition, failing to fulfill his fiscal duties.

And, like so many other powerful and wealthy citizens, he has escaped, for now, from being prosecuted for the crime of tax fraud – to the direct detriment of the majority – for the privileged treatment that the Penal Code still grants to the criminally enriched by allowing them to they are free of criminal responsibility – like the Pujols – if the fraudster pays part of the debt within a period of time.

Thanks to this – as now the abdicated one – the 659 Spanish citizens, denounced by Falciani, were excluded from being criminally prosecuted, who through 3,000 checking accounts in the HSBC of Switzerland, -Mr. abdicated?

But a significant part of the tax delinquency practiced by the abdicator would be impossible without the help of tax havens and, in particular, it seems, of the Isle of Jersey. This is not the time to expand on this complex and unprecedented reality. But we must remember the voices that many times have demanded their disappearance in the face of the guilty passivity of the governments and the international community, as can be seen from the recent Pandora Papers. Among others, the Resolution of the Congress of Deputies (BOCG 5-20-2005) that demanded “to concentrate investigative actions in those areas and sectors, in which the most important pockets of fraud have been detected, such as tax havens.”

Tax havens “can constitute an insurmountable obstacle to the economic development of poor countries, usurping the sovereignty of other countries and creating incentives for economic crime” (European Parliament, April 2010). Parliament itself, on March 8, 2011, declared that tax fraud in the EU was, then, 200,000 to 250,000 million euros.

The Congress of Deputies, “in response to the demands of the citizens”, on July 12, 2011 approved to urge the Government to “continue strengthening the fight against tax fraud and to support, in a coordinated manner with the international community, the suppression of tax havens “.

It has been useless. They are still there, protecting the darker side of the economy – tax fraud, money laundering, human and arms trafficking and terrorism.

It was very well exposed in No. 4 of the magazine Alternativas Económica. In Spain, of course including Catalonia, a banker earns as much as 329 teachers annually. And, another fact that is completely expressive of the existing inequality. A thousand bank executives earn 700 million euros annually. This is how Professor Fontana also expressed it: the consequence of current economic policies is “the gradual enrichment of the richest and the impoverishment of all the rest” (The future is a strange country. Editorial Past & Present).

To what we expose, must be added the case that Juan Carlos I has opened before the Supreme Court -nu. 21092/2018- for the complaint filed by Izquierda Unida and other complainants for different allegedly criminal behaviors, pending – until when? – be definitely investigated.

The abdicated king, already before his current status, actively contributed to his illicit enrichment, regardless of his possible inviolability. The Spanish people, faced with the terrible health and economic crisis that they continue to experience, can no longer bear any more abuse of power and illicit enrichment, until now completely unpunished. Go away! Go away!

And, above all, enough of the silence and antidemocratic passivity of the institutions that govern us.

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