Saturday, May 21

Accompaniment during pregnancy and postpartum: “Rural women have nowhere to go”

If the low birth rate is a problem in Spain, it is much more so in the rural world, threatened by depopulation. Therefore, offering physical and psychological care to new mothers and pregnant women seems a necessity. This is what Irene Yera, María Serrano and Ana Fábregas, the three partners of ‘Mia, thought. Accompaniment to Pregnancy and Postpartum ‘.

The idea for ‘Mia’ came from Irene Yera, a physiotherapist, and she was immediately joined by two other professional friends: the psychologist María Serrano and the speech therapist and lactation expert Ana Fábregas. It is one of the five projects selected within the ‘Start Up’ call for grants from La Era Rural, an Aragonese network to support young entrepreneurs.

These three entrepreneurs felt that childbirth classes covered a small part of the care women need during pregnancy and after giving birth. “We saw that it is necessary to also offer them psychological support,” says María Serrano, who did her final degree project on this phase of the lives of many women and then learned that depression occurs in 20% or 30% of cases. and yet it is ignored.

For this professional, care must begin already during pregnancy. “Socially there is this myth that it is ‘the best moment of your life’, but not everything is like that, there are also concerns,” says Serrano, who speaks “of stress before each ultrasound, the ups and downs of mood due to hormones or problems of self-esteem that can arise by the changes that the body undergoes or by if you have to leave your job “. This psychologist, based in Borja, considers that “many times we do not know how to manage those emotions, and that is where the psychological orientation that we want to give comes in.”

As a physiotherapist, Irene Yera’s contribution is aimed at physical care that is not included in the usual medical services. Yera mentions some as “pelvic floor exercises or postural gymnastics.”

The speech therapist Ana Fábregas, who currently lives in Zaragoza, although she comes from a small town in Jaén, is in charge of counseling on breastfeeding and infant feeding according to the Baby-Led Weaning method.

In addition to providing guidance on the benefits for the child and the mother of breastfeeding, Fabregas speaks of counseling on things that seem so prosaic such as finding “a facilitating position for breastfeeding”, and says that “there is a huge rate of abandonment because the mother is not able to find the position to empty the breast well and avoid mastitis and cracks. ”

“Women who live in rural areas have nowhere to turn for all these issues that even many medical professionals are unaware of,” Fabregas laments.

Meeting all of these needs is’ Mia’s goal. Accompaniment to Pregnancy and Postpartum ‘, whose plans begin in Ejea de los Caballeros and Tauste, and then reach the rest of the Region of the Cinco Villas. In a more advanced phase they plan to also extend through Campo de Borja. For this, its strategy will be “to present the service to the municipalities and work through them,” says Irene Yera.

In the cases of small towns, in which there may be only one or two pregnant women, the plan is “to offer online theoretical sessions and bring together in the same practical session carried out at an intermediate point, those who live in nearby enclaves”, explains the physiotherapist.

At the moment, they are receiving advice to start their business plan, one of the grants they receive for being selected. In addition, they have 1,000 euros for support actions such as the creation of a website or company advertising. They are already implementing the first of the advice received in their business orientation classes: carry out a survey to measure the number of potential clients your project would have.

This launcher program for start-ups It is part of the initiatives to support and accompany entrepreneurs of La Era Rural, a platform that brings together 300 people who develop their professional projects in the rural world and who are committed to local revitalization. The aid of the ‘Start Up’ program is aimed at entrepreneurship projects capable of generating their own resources.