Wednesday, February 21

According to a patent, this is how Apple would reinvent the sunroof | Digital Trends Spanish

The patents of an automotive nature requested by Apple, many of them approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)They are not a new phenomenon. Rumors of the Apple car, the latest version of which indicates a fully autonomous vehicle that could arrive in 2025, have circulated for more than a decade.

In any case, nobody has managed to see the mythical Apple car, which should not be confused with the concept car created by Vanarama in the United Kingdom; This was made by combining a bit of imagination with the multiple patents obtained by Apple for its automotive project.

The USPTO this week granted Apple one more automotive patent. It is a sliding roof with variable opacity glass similar to the Magic Sky Control presented by Mercedes-Benz in 2010, which darkens at the touch of a button thanks to the manipulation of nanoparticles that Mercedes-Benz calls polydiodes.

Unlike the Mercedes-Benz proposal, and the versions of the roof with variable opacity that other brands have presented in recent decades, the roof patented by Apple is sliding and can be opened or made transparent, in order to manage the entry of natural light and fresh air into the vehicle.

The patent obtained by Apple describes the operation of the variable opacity sunroof as follows: “The area of ​​variable translucency is controllable to allow the desired degree of light to enter through the window. A movable panel assembly can be moved between a closed and an open position.

In other words, drivers of the rumored “Apple Car” will be able to choose whether they want to let sunlight into the car without opening the sunroof or open it all the way to let in fresh air. Basically what is done today by running the inner covering of roofs. Perhaps the big news is that the opacity can be controlled through Siri, which, according to rumors, is learning to drive.

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