Wednesday, February 21

Acerinox or ArcelorMittal? This is what their charts tell us for the short term

Acerinox and ArcelorMittal are two of the Ibex 35 stocks that have been doing the best in recent months. Its price has grown by 21% year-on-year for the first and almost 52% for the second. What can we expect from both in the short term?

At a technical level, ArcelorMittal presented an inside bar and dogi figure that was violated on the rise, according to independent analyst Ramón Bermejo, so it is expected that the market will cover the two gaps that the value has ahead, in 28 .87 and 31.10 euros.

As for Acerinox, it also shows positive signs: the value graph presented two inside bar figures, validated in the session on February 1, where there was also an increase in volume. In the session of this Wednesday, February 2, it presented a pull back at 11.48 euros and could continue to rise.


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